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Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple

The Avinashi temple is believed to be the first among the seven shivastalams of Kongunadu. It is also known as the Karunaiyaathaal temple. The temple's construction is connected to a legend based on Sundaramoorthy Nayanar.The 'Moovendargal' Cheras, Cholas and Pandyas have made huge bequest to this Temple.

The Legend of Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple

History of the Avinashi Temple

The Deities of the Avinashi Lingeswara Temple

Facts About The Avinashi Lingeswarar Temple:

A deepasthambam' can be observed in front of the temple. A special fact about the deepasthambam is that it is shaped out of a single stone.Towering over 70 feet, the lower part depicts the carvings of the boy's rebirth off the mouth of the crocodile, Sundaramoorthynayanar and Lord Ganapathi. In 1756, the king of Mysore endowed the temple with a hall supported by 30 pillars. This hall can be observed in front of the deepasthambam.The Rajagopuram or main tower here is built over 100 feet and is believed to be the highest in the whole of Kongunadu. It was initially built by Kongu Pandian. Later on the renovation was done by the king of Mysore.The present tower was constructed by Sundara swamigal of Kumara mutt in 1980




The holy water points of this Avinashi Lingeswarar temple are


Kasi gangai Theertham




Nagakakannigai Theertham


avinashi temple theppakulam

There are a lot of holy trees located within the temple. The 'Pandhiri' tree where the deity of Amman is seated is considered holy. It was a mango tree previously. Apart from the trees, the temple was also known as 'Vilvavanam' as the temple was surrounded by Vilvam trees in the past.


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